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October 2009

Qt Creator 1.3 on FreeBSD

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I think you remember, that earlier releases of Qt Creator didn't not work for FreeBSD out of box. All of them required some patching.

Run SQL query in vim

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Lets take a look at how commands can be executed in vim with passing some data from the file you are editing at this moment.

Qt 4.6-beta1 on FreeBSD

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A long-expected release of Qt 4.6 is coming out very soon. This is a great event because it brings in a lot of new features. As for me, the one I was looking for is the state machine framework.

Trivial do-while loop

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You might have seen such code.

do {
// ...
} while (0);

Me personally have seen it a lot and never knew what was this for.

There 2 reasons for doing this:

Scratchbox2 on FreeBSD

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I wondered how much efforts would it take to run Scratchbox2 on FreeBSD. I hoped that everything will be fine, but I have immediately got the first error at configure run:


Passwordless SSH

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Assume that you need a passwordless access to TARGET computer via SSH from ORIGIN computer. You need an authorization key for that:

user@ORIGIN> ssh-keygen -t rsa