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August 2011

Dvorak try out. Typing speed.

Google's application specific password and Thunderbird

As you might know already Google introduced 2-step verification and application specific passwords.

Dvorak try out. Day 3.

Another day is over. Less Dvorak typing today, more QWERTY and all tasks for today were acomplished. I have to admit that my intension to have no QWERTY at work was naive and failed badly.

Dvorak try out. Day 2.

Hello everyone, I'm back with an update of how things are going on in a Dvorak world. It was not better today, slow typing and lots of mistakes.

Dvorak try out. Day 1.

It was a usual day but suddenly, I decided that it was time for some changes. How did I know that? I don't know. It was just one of those crazy ideas. So, I decided to switch to Dvorak.