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Neovim build on FreeBSD

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As of wirting this post neovim depends on:

- libtermkey (not yet in ports)

Forensics and static/dynamic analysis tools

Tool for static analysis of windows executables.


Build bokken with custom prefix

I'm assuming radare is installed already. My radare location is ~/opt/radare2

$ tar xfv r2-bindings-0.9.tar.gz
$ cd r2-bindings-0.9

Fan problem on ASUS NAS M-25

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Webcam in Kopete on FreeBSD

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In order to make Kopete detect your webcam you have to follow these steps:

1. Add the following lines to /etc/devfs.rules (Assuming that you belong to group 'operator'):

Device is busy then unmounting truecrypt container

Couple of days ago I faced a problem with unmounting truecrypt container. After issuing

$ truecrypt -t -d

I got an error saying this:

Dvorak try out. Typing speed.

Google's application specific password and Thunderbird

As you might know already Google introduced 2-step verification and application specific passwords.

Dvorak try out. Day 3.

Another day is over. Less Dvorak typing today, more QWERTY and all tasks for today were acomplished. I have to admit that my intension to have no QWERTY at work was naive and failed badly.

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