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Qt Creator 1.2.1 on FreeBSD

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The next version of Qt Creator is out and we want it on FreeBSD. So here are the patches.


To tell the truth I was upset a little bit. Why? If you look into patches for the previous version of this IDE you will see that there is only one patch which takes care of Windows specific "\r". The early versions of Qt Creator required 3 patches to make it work on FreeBSD. I shared 2 patches with Nokia(ex-Trolltech) developers before Qt Creator 1.2.0 came out and they were there. That's why the only patch needed.

Somehow Qt Creator 1.2.1 looks just like Qt Creator 1.1 in terms that my changes are not there (anymore?). Maybe my changes went to another branch or something else, I don't know exactly.

Qt Creator is working for us, and this is the main thing we need.

Note: this post might look to be outdated. Here is an explanation: my blog used to be located at and in fact the post has been written in July 2009.

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