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Qt Creator plugins on FreeBSD

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While creating patches for Qt Creator to get it working on my FreeBSD I have noticed that not all its plugins have been compiled and (let us say so) installed. All plugins live here


I compiled Qt Creator and copied it to my $HOME/opt directory. So, QTCREATOR_DIR environment variable for my working Qt Creator is $HOME/opt/qt-creator-1.1.

Note: yours might be different.

So back to plugins. If some of plugins are not "installed" we need to compile them manually and "install" them manually also.

1. We go to src/plugins/ in Qt Creator's sources directory.
2. Take a look at all plugins available there.
3. cd to the directory of the plugin we want to install.
4. Run

$ qmake
$ make

This will generate .pluginspec file and shared library (.so)
5. Take these files and just copy them to
(in my case), or to the directory where you have you Qt Creator installed.

Next, run Qt Creator and check the list of available plugins. That's it.

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