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Qt Creator 1.3 on FreeBSD

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I think you remember, that earlier releases of Qt Creator didn't not work for FreeBSD out of box. All of them required some patching. Some time ago I emailed these patches to Qt Creator's developers and it seems that these patches are in the repo already.

So, it makes me think that Qt Creator should be built out of box. This is true - it takes 4 easy steps to get it running.

I have got the sources from Qt Creator's public git repo. Somehow the archive got called qt-creator-qt-creator.tar.gz.

1) Make sure Qt 4.6 is built with WebKit and script modules. For more details refer to this instructions.

2) Unpack sources:

$ tar xfvz qt-creator-qt-creator.tar.gz
$ cd qt-creator-qt-creator

3) Run the following command (Make sure you use Qt 4.6's qmake):

$ qmake && make

4) Run and play...

UPDATE: Just found one issue. For debugging 's/\\r\\n/\\n/g' src/plugins/debugger/gdb/gdbengine.cpp

Qt creator cause a core dumped

I have asked you before, my qtcreator didn't work properly.

when I clicked any help action(or button), it will throw out error "segmentaion fault (core dumped)".I still can't find any solutions to that core dump.

you asked me to debug this core dump, I don't know how to debug it?

any help?

thank you

core dump

once you have qt creator dump the core, run gdb on it...

> gdb --core=<core that has been dumped> /path/to/bin/qtcreator
... here comes gdb prompt ...
(gdb) backtrace
... and look at call stack ...

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