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Scratchbox2 on FreeBSD

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I wondered how much efforts would it take to run Scratchbox2 on FreeBSD. I hoped that everything will be fine, but I have immediately got the first error at configure run:

checking crt_externs.h usability... no
checking crt_externs.h presence... no
checking for crt_externs.h... no
checking for _NSGetEnviron... no
configure: error: Failed to identify xattr style for your host

xattr stands for extended file attributes which have to be supported by the file system. Those file systems that are used in Linux have these extended file systems. Don't worry, FreeBSD (starting from 5.0) have such extended attributes also, but the problem is that they are called extattr, but not xattr. So, now I'm trying to make Scratchbox's configure script treat FreeBSD's extattr as xattr.

Looks like I will have to substitute Linux-specific function calls with FreeBSD's analogues.

Updates are coming soon.

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