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bitset vs vector

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It is a very popular question what are the differences between bitset and vector. Here they are (probably, these are the main differences, but not all of them, I guess)

bitset vector
Const size (once created) Yes No
Iterating through elements No Yes
Element search No Yes
Is container? No (bitset<T> makes no sense) Yes
Space allocation optimization? No Yes (see this.)

Looks like std::vector has knocked the bitset out.

implementation choice

You could find or make your own bitset implementation which isn't const-sized, allow iterating or element search, allow cycling or moving the bits, etc...

(but the reference class would still be almost the same as on the STL, it's a requirement because C/C++ doesn't allow direct bit management, only with mask and bit operation)

Won't I get something similar

Won't I get something similar to vector?

just a little, you could add

just a little, you could add features only usefull to bitset without having const-size once created, like the cycling or bit moving.

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