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Qt Creator 2.0.0 on FreeBSD

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This release of Qt Creator has come to use with several surprises. First, it needs at least beta of Qt 4.7 and doesn't compile out of box.

The reason why this happens is that Qt Creator uses a cryptographic library called botan and botan let you choose which memory you would like to use. The choices are: tr1 or boost. I have chosen boost because I have gcc 4.2 (which is old enough) and because I have latest boost.

The best way to make it compile would be to find the place where BOTAN_USE_BOOST_TR1 is set. But if you start looking for it, then you will find 2 strange scripts, in python and perl, that allow you to set it, but for some reason are not executable. So I didn't want to waste my time and just found the pieces of code when this constant has been ifdef'ed.

Go to src/libs/3rdparty/botan/src. Here are these 2 files that we are going to modify:

  • math/gfpmath/gfp_element.h
  • cert/cvc/freestore.h

I removed all unnecessary "if defined"'s "elif defined"'s and left the only include of boost's memory.hpp.

That's it. Just

$ make


P.S. Sorry, no patches.

UPDATE: Qt Creator 2.0.0 needs Qt from git.

UPDATE: Modify libs/3rdparty/botan/src/timer/posix_rt/tm_posix.cpp to include <sys/time.h> instead of <time.h>.

UPDATE: Modify libs/3rdparty/botan/src/ Add timer/posix_rt/tm_posix.h to HEADERS and timer/posix_rt/tm_posix.cpp to SOURCES.

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