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Dvorak try out. Day 1.

It was a usual day but suddenly, I decided that it was time for some changes. How did I know that? I don't know. It was just one of those crazy ideas. So, I decided to switch to Dvorak. Wow, that was so unexpected.Why would I want to do that? First, despite the fact that there are numerous debates are going on which layout is better and there is no straight answer, I still think that QWERTY was not invented for those who type, but for the typing device, i.e. typewriter. Second, it is intresting for me to find out the truth, since I have never found any proof of that you can type faster with Dvorak than with QWERTY. I found tons of contradicting opinions on the web and beautiful comparison stats for various keyboard layouts so there is a complete mess in my head. If you ask me which layout is better (let it be just for me), I will say that I don't know and I would be glad to find this out.Lets give it a try! (By the way, I'm typing this post in Dvorak)The key points of this experiment:- I should use touch typing tutor (I use ktouch)- I should measure my typing speed (I use No QWERTY at work (at home I still have QWERTY so that I practice it for at least 30 minutes a day. I don't want to completly forget it. What if I have to switch back from Dvorak :( )Before I go any further I should mention that yesterday I practiced for about 45 minutes and it was fun.Today is Monday, August 8th, my first working day with Dvorak. And yesterday's fun is over! I was as slow as a turtle today. Well, I lied, I was slower than a turtle. I did lots of mistyping and it really drove me crazy and angry. As you might know I'm a vim user and you can imagine what it looked like. Weird things happened, something got deleted, then a macro recording started, some piece of code appeared out of nowhere, etc. This was a really awful vimming. I felt like it was my first day with vim. Besides vim I had some hard time with shell complaining about "no", ";fll.p" and "je". It was a really dificult day.By the end of the day things got better and I thought for a moment that I'm getting used to Dvorak. I did a speed test and got 15 words per minute (and 60 with QWERTY). I hope I will be able to type faster than 60 words per minute with Dvorak, otherwise bye-bye Dvorak and welcome back to QWERTY. I know that typindg source code is diferent from typing text, so I will have to check if I'm happy with Dvorak for programming. To tell the truth, I still haven't decided whether I should stick with Dvorak or Dvorak for programmers. If you have any suggestions. it would be grean to hear from you.At this point I cannot estimate the duration of this experiment, lets see how it goes in a month.

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