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Dvorak try out. Typing speed.

Today is the fourth day of struggling Dvorak. Below you can find the chart with my typing speed for each day. From now on I will update it here in order not to create tons of posts. Besides, it might be easier to follow the progress.

The bad thing is that the typing speed test that I take contains only words and has no symbols. Unfortunately, I have not found a lecture for ktouch for Programmer Dvorak layout. Neither there is a keyboard layout file for it. Here you can find the layout file that I have created and I hope later I will come up with a lecture that will contain both plain text and source code.

Update 30/08/2011

My vacation is over and I will resume measuring my typing speed from now on. I expect my speed to drop down since I didn't practice during my vacation.

Update 12/09/2011

I have some problems with measuring my code typing speed. I downloaded sources of an opensource project and tried to use it as a ktouch lecture. But ktouch sometimes reacts in a weird way and reports that a lecture is over after a couple of lines, whereas the file has about 100 lines.