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Dvorak try out. Day 2.

Hello everyone, I'm back with an update of how things are going on in a Dvorak world. It was not better today, slow typing and lots of mistakes.

Dvorak try out. Day 1.

It was a usual day but suddenly, I decided that it was time for some changes. How did I know that? I don't know. It was just one of those crazy ideas. So, I decided to switch to Dvorak.

Vim function GetProjectForFile()

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function! GetProjectForFile(filePath)
    if a:filePath == ""
        return ""

    " read projects file
    for sLine in readfile(g:projectFile)

Switching between .cpp and .h in vim

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When navigating through source code it is really nice to be able to jump from your source file to its header and vice verse.

Poll results: How many iterations there will be in "for (int i = 0; i < 2^4; ++i) {}"

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GIT TIPS: alias for creating snapshots

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Make it easier to release snapshots by adding the following lines to $HOME/.gitconfig :

    snapshot = !sh -c 'export COMMIT=`git rev-list --tags --max-count=1` \

Phonon-gstreamer backend on openSUSE

I have noticed that on my openSUSE 11.1 the gstreamer backend for phonon is not working properly. Or maybe I should say that it is not working at all.

Change Skype status with QtDbus

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I will start this post with a small introduction. I'm using pomodoro technique in my work and use a timer for that. The problem I bumped into was that there is no cross platform pomodoro timer.

Template operator specialization

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Remember I had a problem with using a specialization for the template operator in a template class here?

Vim as IDE again

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Along with studying Qt Creator I'm trying to keep on using vim and some changes have been made since my last post about vim as IDE. I would like to share some new functionality with you.

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