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Keeping FreeBSD updated

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When I need to update my FreeBSD (I'm not talking about major release upgrade) I do this:

# freebsd-update fetch

Qt Creator 1.2.1 on FreeBSD

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The next version of Qt Creator is out and we want it on FreeBSD. So here are the patches.


Qt Creator 1.2 on FreeBSD

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Qt Creator 1.2 is coming soon, so I think it's time to get ready for it.
Here are new patches for this release.

The sources (in fact, the snapshot) for this release were downloaded from

>>> Patches <<<

Qt Creator plugins on FreeBSD

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While creating patches for Qt Creator to get it working on my FreeBSD I have noticed that not all its plugins have been compiled and (let us say so) installed. All plugins live here


Qt Creator 1.1 on FreeBSD

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Here are patches for Qt Creator. Done by me after I have successfully created similar patches for Qt Creator 1.0.

Overloading << for a custom class

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Q: Why overload << operator outside your own class and then make it its friend? Why not make it a member?

mutable VS const

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class A {
  mutable int value1;
     int getValue1() const;
int A::getValue1() const
  return ++vaue1;

Hex in vim

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map <F4> :execute HexView()<CR>
let s:hflag=0
function! HexView()
    if s:hflag == 0
        let s:hflag=1
        return ":%!xxd"
        let s:hflag=0

How does it work: FreeBSD boot loader.

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Boot loader? What is this? And what is this for?

Comments in vim

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When writing code, I always wanted to be able to select a block of code and then [un]comment it. Here are my attempts to make it possible. The main achievent is that it works in 'VISUAL' mode too.

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