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Placement new operator

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void *buf = reinterpret_cast<void*>(0xf01f);
X *x = new (buf) X;

Corrupted reference

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One of the things that differs a reference from a pointer is the fact that any reference MUST be initialized (just like constants). One might think that this guarantees safe usage of references.

Qt 4.5 on FreeBSD

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As soon as I found out that Qt 4.5.0 was released I wanted it installed on my FreeBSD.

FreeBSD loader logo

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Remember those days, when you could see nice ASCII-style Beastie when your FreeBSD start up? I remember that when i used to work with FreeBSD 5.3. With new major releases, such as 6 and 7, the default logo is an ASCII word 'FreeBSD'.

If you look into /boot/beastie.4th you will see that all available logos are defined here.

The acceptable logos are:

  • fbsdbw
  • beastie
  • beastiebw
  • none

So if you want to change the default logo, just put the following line in you /boot/loader.conf (I have chosen 'beastiebw')

Return const reference

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class Q
        Q() { x = 7;}
        int& getX() { return x; }
        int x;

First blog entry

Welcome to, the blog-site on various topic: algorithms, C++, FreeBSD and Unix in general, vim, and lots of other things that may be of some interest for me (And hope, that of some interest for you.)
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