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Change Skype status with QtDbus

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I will start this post with a small introduction. I'm using pomodoro technique in my work and use a timer for that. The problem I bumped into was that there is no cross platform pomodoro timer.

Template operator specialization

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Remember I had a problem with using a specialization for the template operator in a template class here?

Having fun with Lazy Load

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Here is the problem I had to solve recently. I have objects, whose describing information is stored in a database.

bitset vs vector

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It is a very popular question what are the differences between bitset and vector. Here they are (probably, these are the main differences, but not all of them, I guess)

Pure virtual method called

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I managed to make a pure virtual method to be called. I'm not kidding, I'm serious and I mean it.

Trivial do-while loop

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You might have seen such code.

do {
// ...
} while (0);

Me personally have seen it a lot and never knew what was this for.

There 2 reasons for doing this:

Problem #2

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static int a = 0, b = 3;
int change_a() { return ++a; }
int change_b(int x) { return b+=x; }
void func(int x)
    static int aa = change_a();
    static int bb = change_b(x);

Problem #1

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struct S {
    static int i;
    S() { ++i; }
    S(const S&) { ++i; }
int S::i = 0;
int main() {
    S v(S());
    return S::i;

Overloading << for a custom class

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Q: Why overload << operator outside your own class and then make it its friend? Why not make it a member?

mutable VS const

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class A {
  mutable int value1;
     int getValue1() const;
int A::getValue1() const
  return ++vaue1;

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