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Change Skype status with QtDbus

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I will start this post with a small introduction. I'm using pomodoro technique in my work and use a timer for that. The problem I bumped into was that there is no cross platform pomodoro timer.

Why do I keep track of Qt's compilation on FreeBSD?

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I just thought of how does it look like that a person is compiling Qt on FreeBSD on his own and doesn't use ports.

Qt 4.7.0 on FreeBSD

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Qt 4.7.0 has been released yesterday. I hopes that nothing has changed dramatically in the compilation since its beta and release candidate versions.

Qt 4.7.0-beta1 on FreeBSD

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These are the steps to make it work on FreeBSD:

$ tar xfz qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.0-beta1.tar.gz
$ cd qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.0-beta1

Qt Creator from git

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If anyone tried to compile the fresh Qt Creator snapshot from git eh should have noticed that the compilation fails because setSideWidget is not declared in Wizard class.

Qt 4.7 technology preview on FreeBSD

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Qt 4.7 technology preview has been released not so long ago which presents its new Qt Quick.

Qt Creator 1.3.1 on FreeBSD

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Qt Creator on 1.3.1 on FreeBSD? No problem here.

$ tar xfvz qt-creator-1.3.1-src.tar.gz
$ mkdir qt-creator-1.3.1
$ cd qt-creator-1.3.1

Qt 4.6.1 on FreeBSD

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Qt 4.6.1 is out and I congratulate FreeBSD/Qt fans. The post author turns of his full verbose mode and here is how we get Qt 4.6.1 compiled on FreeBSD.

Qt Creator 1.3 on FreeBSD

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I think you remember, that earlier releases of Qt Creator didn't not work for FreeBSD out of box. All of them required some patching.

Qt 4.6-beta1 on FreeBSD

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A long-expected release of Qt 4.6 is coming out very soon. This is a great event because it brings in a lot of new features. As for me, the one I was looking for is the state machine framework.

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