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Vim function GetProjectForFile()

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function! GetProjectForFile(filePath)
    if a:filePath == ""
        return ""

    " read projects file
    for sLine in readfile(g:projectFile)

Switching between .cpp and .h in vim

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When navigating through source code it is really nice to be able to jump from your source file to its header and vice verse.

Vim as IDE again

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Along with studying Qt Creator I'm trying to keep on using vim and some changes have been made since my last post about vim as IDE. I would like to share some new functionality with you.

Vim as IDE

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I like vim very much and I often(nearly all the time) use it for development. But vim as it is just a text editor lacks some functionality, that is needed for development.

Run SQL query in vim

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Lets take a look at how commands can be executed in vim with passing some data from the file you are editing at this moment.

Hex in vim

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map <F4> :execute HexView()<CR>
let s:hflag=0
function! HexView()
    if s:hflag == 0
        let s:hflag=1
        return ":%!xxd"
        let s:hflag=0

Comments in vim

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When writing code, I always wanted to be able to select a block of code and then [un]comment it. Here are my attempts to make it possible. The main achievent is that it works in 'VISUAL' mode too.

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